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Fossils, Clocks and the Origin of Angiosperms.

Figure 1.          A Plant Family Tree. A stylised tree showing the basic evolution of plants, from single celled algae to the beautiful diversity of plants we see today. The plants included, in order clockwise from 1 o’ clock, are: Green Algae; Umbrella liverwort (Marchantia berteroana); Swan-Necked Thread Moss (Mnium hornum); Spikemoss (Selaginella sp.); Fern; Cycad (Encephalartos sp.); Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba); Pine Tree (Pinus sp.); Gnetum urens; Wielandiella angustifolia; Archaefructus liaoningensis; Magnolia sp. By Julian Kiely. Greetings All, I hope you’re keeping well. Sorry for the long gap between posts again; it’s coming towards the end of the year at University, and the exams and deadlines are coming thick and fast at the moment so I haven’t had much time for blogging recently. However, I’ve had just enough time to get this quick blog post out. Some interesting new things have come out recently which I just had to talk about, so read on to see what’s new

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