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Too many Ginkgo leaves!!!

The morphological diversity of Ginkgoales leaves!!! Hi all, This is just a super quick post* basically for me to show off a diagram I've been working on for the past few months. For about two or three years I've been wanting to make a comparative diagram showing the diversity of Ginkgoales leaves through geological time, so that people might have a good reference of what shaped ginkgo leaves are appropriate in different times and places. While Ginkgo and ginkgo-like plants are a staple in palaeoart, the leaves of such plants are often not appropriate for the time period they're depicted in; unlobed or bilobed flabellate leaves like those of modern Ginkgo biloba are often used as a 'safe bet' within palaeoart, but this has often felt off to me (and in some cases I knew it was just plain wrong) and definitely doesn't represent the diversity of fossil leaves available for people to use. So that's why I started creating this diagram, so see how widespread unlo

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