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Conifers of the Crato Formation

  Fig. 1     A selection of conifers from the Crato Formation.   Greetings fellow connoisseurs of palaeobotany, I thought I’d write just a quick blog post, since I have a little free time and I just finished this series of illustrations for another project. Hopefully I can wrap it up reasonably quickly without rambling on for too long, but we’ll see how it goes (edit: well, as you’ve probably already guessed, this post grew a little larger than expected, so I hope you still persevere to the end… please?). The Crato Formation (as some of you will undoubtedly already know) is a Lower Cretaceous formation from the northeast of Brazil, composed of a series of very finely laminated limestones and shales which have yielded hundreds of fossil taxa which inhabited a warm dry desert-like environment surrounding either a lake or a lagoon (the exact depositional environment is still hotly debated; Ribeiro   et al ., 2021). It is approximately 115-120 million years old, although this age is

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